Draymond Green Threatened With Disciplinary Sanction After Hitting Jordan Poole

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Golden State Warriors basketball player Draymond Green was reportedly involved in a fight with one of his teammates, Jordan Poole. This incident then made Green threatened with disciplinary sanctions from the Warriors management.

According to a report from Shams Charania as a well-known reporter for The Athletic, Draymond Green was emotional when he saw Jordan Poole’s unprofessional attitude. Green felt that Poole was being abused when he joined the team’s training. This arbitrariness is of course due to Poole realizing he will soon get a big contract from the Warriors. Disliked by Poole’s attitude that seemed arrogant and detrimental to the team, Green got into a physical fight with Poole. Because of the ignited emotion, Green then threw a punch at Poole.

This beating then made Green now threatened with disciplinary sanctions by the management of the Warriors. It is not known exactly what form of punishment will be given by the Warriors. Fortunately, Poole who was hit by Green didn’t suffer any serious or worrisome injuries.

This news is definitely a heavy blow for Golden State Warriors fans who know that their team is not in good shape. In fact, Green and Poole are also two important players in the team. Green is a senior forward who can do a lot on the pitch. Meanwhile, Poole is a productive guard who can help the role of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson.