DC League of Super Pets

Film Review :

The world of DC superheroes which is usually known as dark now looks more colorful with the presence of the DC animated film League of Super Pets which tells the story of Krypto, Superman's pet dog.

In this film, the man of steel and iron bones from Krypton has a dog, who also has super strength.

Not only does it contain a premise that feels really fun because you can see various adorable animals with super powers

The story is also fairly friendly for children and parents. This film has the premise of the Krypto who is looking for identity with other super adorable animal friends.

The search begins when these super pets face the shortcomings and fears that exist within them after so long these animals have been trapped in captivity.

Moreover, this film has many jokes and references to stories or stories in the DC universe that fans are already familiar with.

It's Like The Superman 2 (2006). The difference is, this scene in DC League of Super Pets is made funny, not dramatic.

Even so, DC League of Super Pets is still a film worth watching with the family. Various tense scenes with dynamic and epic action become a fresh offer from the DC film collection.

DC League of Super Pets is also suitable for children to watch because it has a meaningful message for the appearance of this adorable animated film.