Actor Jordan Peele has shocked the world of cinema by releasing his directorial debut

A comedy actor working on a psychological horror film that is gripping but contains social criticism.

Success with Get Out, Peele returned to direct another film, namely Us (2019) and the latest is Nope.

Like Get Out and Us, Peele returns to using the horror genre in Nope.     Nope tells the story of a brother and sister, OJ and Emerald Haywood, who manage a horse farm owned by their father who died six months earlier.

Those of you who have watched Get Out or Us must have understood Peele's style which presents a lot of riddles and hidden messages in the film.

Peele's horror film is not just to scare, but there must be social criticism which is the main theme of the film.

Peele has already revealed that Nope is a film about human addiction to spectacle or shows. Who would have thought, Peele wrapped the theme into a film about UFOs.

Nope presents a subplot, which is about Ricky "Jupe" Park's past when he was a child actor in the sitcom Gordy's Home. If examined, the scene that shows Jupe's past actually has a connection with what he did when he challenged UFOs in his adult life.

one thing that deserves appreciation from Nope is its scoring. Nope is not the type of horror film that relies on jump scares to scare the audience.

There is one scene that managed to make KINCIR feel restless while watching it, namely when the UFO vomits blood and foreign objects attached to the human body that he eats.

Another stunning thing that you can find in Nope is the visuals. For information, the shooting of this film was carried out in the desert of Agua Dulce, United States.